First, what is an SEO plugin, and why do websites and businesses need it? SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is basically what you have to do to get highly ranked on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Plugins are a way of streamlining the process, improving companies’ (or individuals’) visibility in SERPs.

C.R SEO and Lead Generation

Next question: what is a SERP? A SERP is an acronym that stands for search engine results page. It is essential to ensure that your page ranks highly, where people are more likely to click on your content. Plugins provide the tools and features to help improve this ranking. Now, let’s look at two of the best SEO plugin options that can help your content get seen: Rank Math vs Yoast.

All About Rank Math 

Easy to Configure

Rank Math

Rank Math SEO features a helpful set-up wizard that makes download, installation, and configuration an absolute breeze. Setting up and usage of Rank Math is autonomous and very novice-friendly.

Content Analysis

The platform offers a unique real-time SEO analysis of your content and provides tips and suggestions for optimizing your content more efficiently. Rank Math evaluates factors such as content length, keyword density, and internal linking to other validated and authentic sites.

Keyword Optimization

When trying to rank higher within the SERP results, you can link specific keywords associated with the content you produce so someone using a search engine can find your engaging content.

The Rank Math plugin can then alter these keywords and offer suggestions to optimize content better. The tool assists with selecting more refined keywords derived from SERP data analysis focused on volume, traffic, and sites of similar content.

Schema Markup

Rank Math includes a sophisticated and advanced option on Schema markup options. Utilizing these options can help SERP results as the schema markup feeds more structured data into the search engines, which typically yields higher search engine rankings and results.

XML Sitemaps

The Rank Math plugin generates XML sitemaps. To explain this clearly, XML allows search engines to index your content and site effectively, which assists in the validation of the overall authenticity of your site. As outlined earlier, this is a huge factor in SEO ranking.

404 Error

Nobody likes to see a 404 Error message – as a user or a creator! However, if your site has hundreds of links to different content pages, ensuring that all of them function correctly isn’t easy.

Rank Math can help mitigate these error messages by tracking and managing them. The tool can highlight these incorrect paths, allowing you to remedy the problem and encourage a better user experience. This can lead to more clicks, more conversions, and happier users.


Rank Math can assist with the laborious task of 301 redirects. URL changes can be made easily, as can redirects from older content to new content.

Anything supporting the more time-consuming and labor-intensive aspects of running an online site is a huge benefit, freeing up more time to focus on the more important aspects.

Integration with Google Search Console

Data is key across every single industry. How are you supposed to measure success and refine and grow future success without the analysis of data?

Rank Math has seamless Google Search Console integration, which provides data and keyword analysis of your site’s performance to help refine future performance where content can be tailored to hit the mark better and identify issues.

Local SEO

A fantastic feature of Rank Math is its ability to utilize and include local SEO optimization with brick-and-mortar buildings with physical addresses. This seemingly simple method of search engine optimization will allow for greater visibility within local searches.

WooCommerce Compatibility

If your site is classified as e-commerce and utilizes WooCommerce, this tool has basic WooCommerce SEO that is tailor-made to boost your products and content. This is a fantastic feature if you are also utilizing WooCommerce.

All About Yoast


On-Page SEO Evaluation

Like Rank Math, Yoast also offers on-page SEO analysis to assist business and site owners with optimization assistance. Yoast can suggest better and more effective keyword optimization.


Yoast SEO can also give advice for more effective meta descriptions and tips on readability. This is a great additional feature to help tailor SEO content and improve rankings.

XML Sitemaps

The Yoast SEO plugin also auto-generates sitemaps for your site and content. This is vital to allow each search engine to crawl and map out your content, which, as outlined earlier, dramatically enhances your site rankings within SERPs.

Title and Meta Description Templates

Yoast offers helpful templates for your titles and meta descriptions to expand a little further on an already touched-upon feature. This encourages consistency and supports businesses writing more compelling and, most importantly, can create an SEO-rich snippet for better search engine results.

Social Media Integration

Another great standout feature of Yoast is that it enables businesses to custom-tailor their content, titles, descriptions, and images for specific social media channels.

This is important as it allows optimization of the appearance of your content when shared on social media.

Content Readability Analysis

To ensure that your site ranks highly within the SERP results, having well-written and grammatically correct content very much helps.

Yoast goes a step above and beyond in helping make suggestions to enhance your content’s clarity, readability, and structure.

This great feature helps in many ways – it boosts your SEO rating and enhances the user experience, leading to more traffic and more time spent on your site.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Yoast incorporates a “breadcrumb trail” aspect within its platform. This method does exactly what you would expect: display the structure of your site hierarchically.

In doing so, Yoast assists in ensuring the user experience is positive, which, in turn, leads to higher SERP rankings.

Internal Linking

Another essential element of good SEO practice is the usage of relevant and verified internal links. Yoast suggests relevant and authenticated links.

This works in many ways. It helps Yoast suggest your links as you write, promoting greater user engagement and ensuring a clear content structure.

Redirect Manager

Yoast takes care of your redirect links, which is imperative for search engine findings after you have altered any URLs.

Again, this simple task management of addressing administrative and good housekeeping items can free up more bandwidth for things of greater importance.

Cornerstone Content


When you publish items of greater importance, for example, an announcement of a seasonal sale within the e-commerce world, Yoast can help flag the importance of the content as “cornerstone,” enabling search engines to rank it more highly within their findings.

Content and SEO Data Review

Following the pre-review of content that isn’t yet live, Yoast provides users with a post-review analysis. This provides the data and findings involving already posted content.

This, of course, is helpful to review the success of the SEO-tailored findings and ensure that future posts are tailored to lead to better SERP rankings.


What is the cost of each plugin?

Yoast Premium has two pricing structures:

Yoast pricing

  • $99 annually for their premium service
  • $19 per month for their Shopify-specific service

Rank Math has three tiers of service:

Rank math pricing

  • $5.75 per month, which is best for personal blogs and individual businesses
  • $19.08 per month, which is meant for small businesses
  • $45.75 per month, which is tailored for high-volume agencies

Which platform, Yoast or Rank Math, is better for my online business?

Yoast and Rank Math have robust and interesting features that will undoubtedly boost your site’s SERP rankings. Notably, both platforms offer pre and post-data analysis of SEO content and SEO success of posted content. However, Yoast does feature some additional advanced features that seem slightly more helpful than some of the features of Rank Math.

What is an interesting feature of each platform that stands?

Yoast: Yoast offers templated meta descriptions and titles for pieces. This is great in various ways: it helps businesses understand how to write compelling and catch content that leads to increased traffic; throughout the learning process, businesses don’t lose traffic as the tool flags metas that are written incorrectly. This is a great feature that Rank Math does not seem to offer yet.

Rank Math: One of the most helpful features of the Rank Math SEO plugin is the 404 Error search function. This is a seemingly unglamorous function, but it is so important! Incorrectly functioning sites will not rank highly within the Google SERP results. SERP is based upon a vast array of items (most of which are outlined already), but site functionality and authenticity are essential.

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