Creating a passive income is often considered the pinnacle of financial success. It separates your time from money, which means you effectively stay “clocked in” for 24 hours. The process of setting up a passive income is a grossly misunderstood one.

Setting up a passive income stream does not require money. However, it does require a lot of work if no money is involved. Also, it also has no guarantee of success once you have invested time into setting up the process. Further, most passive income streams will still require a minimal amount of work each week to maintain them. That said, passive income streams still offer a great side income for relatively little work once the initial work has been completed.

With those points out of the way, here are 8 proven ways to create a passive income with no money.

Launch a Product Review Site

You can launch a product review site easily with a few clicks and spend only a minimal amount of money on a domain and hosting company. The challenging work, in this case, involves finding a product niche and then reviewing the products in that niche. You want to add as much value as possible with your reviews by including buying guides, an FAQ section, and video tutorials where appropriate.

Place affiliate links on the website to monetize it and reap the passive income. Normally these sites use the Amazon Associates affiliate program, but other niche specific alternatives do exist.

Create an Information Product

Have a unique skill that you can teach others?

You can package that skill into a digital information product and sell that product on the internet. Creative entrepreneurs have monetized informational products that range from guides on making chicken coops to creating spud guns. Other examples include guides on doing a handstand and training routines to get six-pack abs.

Really, just about any information can be turned into an informational product and sold online. Promoting it might require some money for advertising, but SEO tactics could work to rank the site with a sizeable time investment.

Write a Kindle eBook

Write a Kindle eBook

In a similar vein to creating an informational product, you can write a Kindle eBook. Publishing on Amazon’s eBook platform is extremely simple, and you can start collecting money quickly.

This requires more than just good writing skills though. Choosing a good title and picking the right category is also important. Romance novels tend to be the genre most eBook writers focus on, and many writers make a very good income from writing short romance stories.

However, if you can write an interesting story that people want to read, then you can make money in any genre. Non-fiction works well too if you have knowledge about one particular area and find a gap in the market.

Sell Stock Photos

Selling stock photos is another fantastic way to earn a passive income. This works especially well if you already know about photography and have the proper equipment.

If you live in an area with great scenery, then that will make things even easier. You can also take pictures of your city and nature.

Once you have the pictures, you can put them on different websites and earn commission on the pictures. The best part about selling stock images is that you can receive commissions on photos that you uploaded years ago.

Upload Videos to YouTube

This is another great method to earn a passive income. The most common way to monetize a YouTube video is via the YouTube partner program. You receive a share of the advertising revenue from the ads that YouTube places on your videos.

Other methods exist for monetizing YouTube videos. In fact, these methods will usually earn you more money than the paltry amount that YouTube pays. One idea includes starting a YouTube channel that reviews products. You can then place affiliate advertising links in the description.

One other method could be publishing tutorial videos for a product and placing affiliate links in the description. This works particularly well for complicated products that have a poor presence on YouTube.

Lease Websites

If you are familiar with search engine optimization, then you can make money by ranking a website and leasing it to businesses.

The websites that you can rank will usually involve local search terms. Some examples might include “” Once you rank the website on Google, you can easily lease it to landscaping companies in your city.

The great part about this is that it involves a large amount of work upfront in ranking the website, but it does not require much work to keep the site as the first Google result. Further, you can repeat this process in different cities and build a portfolio of rental websites.

Design T-Shirts

Have a good eye for design? You can earn passive income by submitting your t-shirt design to different t-shirt companies. You earn a percentage of each sale you make.

The best part is that you do not have to deal with the shipping or printing process. Simply submit your design and watch as the money rolls into your bank account.

Launch a Blog

Launch a Blog

Have an interest in a particular subject? Launch a blog discussing that subject and use any of the above methods to monetize the blog.

You can sell custom t-shirts or Kindle eBooks through your blog. Some bloggers even place affiliate links on their blog. Your only limitation on monetizing a blog is your creativity.

You can easily start a blog without any money. Most bloggers actually started their blog with little to no monetary investment in their blog. You must write a lot of articles for your blog though.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the 8 ideas listed above are a great place to start for earning a passive income with no money. The most important part to remember is that without money you will have to invest lots of time. Also, these ideas do take a sizeable amount of time before they make money. However, if you stick with it, you should start seeing a profit.

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