Anyone with a brand knows the importance of having a Facebook page. Not only does it give your company a presence on one of the world’s biggest social media sites and boost your appearance on search engines, it also helps create a close relationship with your customers. It works as a highly effective tool to manage and track brand engagement.

Creating a page is easy. Building a fanbase and maintaining it, on the other hand, can be a difficult task.

We all know a successful page on Facebook is the one with a pretty decent number of ‘likes.’ The more likes you have, the more popular your page is. Popularity means more people engage with your page, which helps your appearance on Facebook search res​ults and also on Google. Every like on Facebook is a potential new lead for your business.

Although the concept of a Facebook page sounds pretty simple, gaining likes can sometimes be a little bit tricky. The true success of every Facebook page lies on the audience it reaches and how they interact with it.

So, how do you get more likes? Well, here are five ways to do just that:​

​Create an outstanding profile on your page

There are over 1 billion active users on Facebook every day. That is a large number of people you are potentially exposing your business to by creating your very own brand page.

Think of it this way: your Facebook page profile will represent your business online. It will be where everyone learns more about who you are and what you do. Your job is to make sure it’s good enough for people to want to stay and explore.

Let’s look at the basics. Using your company logo as your profile picture will help your visitors recognize your brand and it also keeps things looking professional. For the cover image, find something that represents who you are as a business and what you to. This is where you can get creative, so think long and hard before making your choice.

Fill in all the sections of the page; it helps build your credibility. No one likes an incomplete profile. Add a call-to-action feature to it as well. This can be anything from a video to a link to drive traffic to your website. These simple tricks will help bring up your page in Google searches when people look for companies similar to yours.

Post content worth sharing

People like content that is of interest to them, especially if it has a high-quality image or a video to go with it. Visual content is 37% more likely to be interacted with than text-only posts.

​Keep your updates short, to the point, and fun.

​Everyone enjoys a good story, so share yours with your fans. The more it is relatable, the better. It makes the whole experience a personal one.

>Don’t hesitate to ask questions, it’s proven to get more comments and likes as it gets people talking.

Talk about the latest topics like the latest sport or a TV show and consider using hashtags for 60% more engagement.

Keep up with the latest trends and share viral posts with your very own witty description to go with it. Don’t be afraid of making your fans laugh—everyone enjoys a good giggle here and there.

Overall, look at building a long-term relationship with your followers by entertaining them with what they like on a regular basis.

Timing is key

​With your content ready to go, all you need to do is post your updates at the right time.

The insights tab on your page will give you a good idea of when your fans engage with your page the most. Granted, the stats you will see there aren’t actually going to tell you how many of your fans actually saw your posts, but it will tell you the number of active users at a given time.

Facebook has a built-in feature that lets you schedule your posts in advance. Or you might find it useful to use something like Hootsuite or Likealyzer instead.

Remember, there are so many other pages posting during peak hours, so you will have to do your own research to find out what works best for your audience. It’s a matter of trial and error.

Once you work out what your ideal time for posting is, make sure you stick to it. It will let your fans expect when they will hear from you.

Use Facebook Ads

What is a business without advertising, right? 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook ads. Facebook offers you one of the best ways of marketing your brand through advertising to your target audience.

You can select the age range, location, interests, and much more. With this type of advertising, you are in control of who sees your updates and when they see them. The same rule applies to boosting a post you have already made as well.


One of the easiest ways to get more fans is by sharing your page with your friends and family, and asking them to share it with their network. Send an email or ask your existing contacts in person to like and share your page. Most businesses have a good base of customers that are more than willing to offer their support. All you have to do is, ask them.​

​Add a link to your Facebook page on your website, other social media channels, and also to your email signature. Encourage your employees to like and share your page.

Running contests that require sharing your page is also another great way to encourage everyone to engage with your brand. This way, you are giving them an incentive for promoting your business.

Don’t hesitate to interact with other pages like yours. Not only will you expose yourself to fellow businesses, you will be doing so to their followers too.

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