Working online as a freelancer is a great job, but finding work can sometimes prove challenging without the proper technique. This problem is especially noticeable on Upwork with thousands of freelancers competing for a limited amount of jobs.

However, freelancers that know the proper strategy to get hired will face little difficulty getting hired for a job. The following article will teach you some of those techniques and show you an example profile that employers look for when hiring freelancers.

Write “You” Focused Proposals

The most important part of getting hired for an Upwork proposal is to write a “you” focused proposal. This type of proposal will emphasize the needs of the clients and how you will help solve those needs. You should limit the use of the word “I” in your proposal.

Instead, focus on the problem the client has and then position yourself as the solution to that problem. You can reference experiences you have and the results that you achieved for clients, but do not list any irrelevant experience. The client does not care about that experience because it cannot help them solve their problem.

You Can Bid Above the Budget

Many new freelancers think that the winning job always goes to the lowest bidder. However, this is not always the case. Many employers will assume that the lowest bidder has the lowest quality. You should strive to bid the budget at a minimum. Once you have more experience, you can comfortably bid 10% or so above the budget without losing too many job opportunities.

If the client likes your proposal, then they will still interview you. Sometimes the client will offer a counter offer to your proposed rate, but this still might be higher than their proposed budget.

Choose a Good Profile Picture

Upwork allows you to upload a small profile picture. For this, you should choose a professional-looking headshot. A picture taken by a professional photographer is not necessary. However, you should choose a picture of you in a professional outfit and setting. Also, make sure that you are smiling in the picture. Mugshot style pictures are definitely not the type you should have as your profile picture.

Take the Upwork Skills Tests

Upwork has hundreds of different tests that you can take that test your skills. These tests can range from writing tests to English tests to a marketing test. Find the ones relevant to your niche and take them. If you have an above average score, then you should place them on your profile for potential clients to view.

Some potential clients will look at your profile, and a good score on those tests will improve your chances of getting the job. No tests will not look nearly as good, but you can still get jobs without any tests on your profile.

Put Previous Work in Your Portfolio

You can place previous work into your Upwork portfolio. You can place screenshots or the actual files themselves. However, make sure that the files do not have any sensitive information in them or else your other clients might not like that.

The work in your portfolio should be the best work you have available. Double check that it has no spelling errors if it is writing work or syntax errors if programming work. You can upload as many portfolio pieces as you want, but three or four different examples is sufficient enough for most purposes.

Write a Captivating Profile

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Your profile is relatively important for getting a job. The proposal itself, however, is still the most important about getting hired. Your profile should be “you” focused just like the proposal. But remember, you want to discuss the problems that your future clients might have and how you can solve those problems.

An example of that would be a marketing copywriter discussing the problems that their clients currently encounter. Some problems could include low sales and low engagement on marketing campaigns. The copywriter will paint a bad picture and may even include the consequences of those problems such as a failing business and not being able to provide for one’s family.

The copywriter will then offer their service that can help improve sales, improve engagement, and make the business viable again. This, of course, will excite the client and make them more likely to send you a job invite or hire you.

You should not mention things that are irrelevant to the client. An example of irrelevant information includes why you decided to pursue copywriting, or that copywriting is your passion. Frankly, the client does not care if you love copywriting or if you hate it. The client only cares about the results that you can provide for them.

Turn down lots of work

Turning down freelancing work might sound counterintuitive to getting more freelancing work, but it makes sense. If you follow the tips listed above, then you will start receiving more work than you can handle. Some of this work will come from low-quality clients that will drain your time with non-billable work.

You should only accept work from clients that know what they want and know why they are hiring you. This means you can spend more time working and less time discussing projects, worrying about getting paid, and figuring out what you need to do for the client. Choosing the right clients will make more efficient use of your time, which is more important than having a large number of jobs.

Overview of Upwork Tips

The tips listed above will all help you get more work on Upwork. The most important tip to getting work on Upwork is to focus your proposals on the needs of the client. You should then position yourself as the one to fill those needs and solve any potential problems.

Finally, do not be discouraged if you see a large number of proposals on a project. Most of the other proposals will probably not have the same need focused proposal that you will write and offer to potential clients.

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