Keyword research techniques are among the most powerful strategies available to increase traffic to Amazon listings. Although there is a multitude of ways to stimulate activity on Amazon listings, it has become abundantly clear that harnessing the energy and potential of organic traffic in conjunction with compelling, high-quality keyword research can drive Amazon listing to bestseller status.

Seemingly, keyword research appears to be a basic concept. In its simplest form, it is the act of adding words that relate to your product or service. However, to the folly of many users, the art and execution of successful keyword research are not fully understood. Countless people rely on the use of ambiguous, ineffective verbiage, while plenty of others “spam” their listings with volume-based keywords in their attempts to increase traffic.

While innumerable people will fail in their endeavor to stake a presence on Amazon’s marketplace, legions of others will go on to become successful sellers with the essential understanding of the importance of quality keyword research and its tandem relationship with organic traffic.

Read on below for more information about succeeding on Amazon, in addition to learning more about the best Amazon keyword research tricks and tips for 2018.

How to Optimize Your Keyword Research

Definition: Keyword research is a concept encompassing the process of procuring, collecting, and cultivating a collection of targeted, relevant words and phrases that internet users will use when looking for your product or service.

Significance: Skilled keyword research will assist in indexing, ranking, and increasing your product or services visibility to internet users. The importance of excellent keyword research cannot be stated enough; it can make the difference between a product or service’s success or failure, as well as determining the growth of sales.

Goal:Conduct keyword research through a variety of methods to discover all the most effective keywords needed to describe your product and drive in the high-traffic volume you desire.

Execution: Peruse the strategies listed below to develop distinctively powerful Amazon listings

Consider a Keyword Research Tool

There is a vast array of keyword research tools and planners available on the internet. Coming in paid subscription or free versions, these applications find high-quality, relevant keywords, in addition to saving time, energy, and money for users.

Among the most notable keyword research tools available right now is Google’s Keyword Planner application that assists in creating relevant content, streamline search campaigns, and helps users “reach the right customers with the right words”

Distinct from other Keyword Research Tools, Google’s application doesn’t just help users discover new keywords but also functions to discover keywords of optimal value related to the user’s business or organization

Consider a Keyword Research Tool

Google’s Keyword Research application also enables users to obtain bid estimates, form ad groups, and see how often keywords are searched and how their search volume changes over time, thus enabling users to streamline their list of keywords and implement a budget for their most desirable keywords

Harness the Power of SEO and Various Forms of Traffic – Search engine optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) is the process of obtaining various forms of traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The types of traffic include the following:

Organic Traffic – “non-paid” traffic garnered through promos, as opposed to advertising or paid promotional campaigns.

This type of traffic is directed from sites such as those listed above, in addition to Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. It can also include “referral traffic” visitors arriving at your site via clicking a link on another site, as well as “direct traffic” (a user directly typing in a URL to arrive at your site.)

Paid Traffic – Paying through a variety of avenues to attract visitors to your site. Common examples include the following:

  • Creating paid listing on major search engines
  • Paying for the promotion of your content, site, or link to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to garner an increased followership
  • Using ad networks or Google’s AdWords to display your ads on other user’s sites
  • Taking part in or creating an affiliate program to provide incentives for users to visit your site in exchange for a form of compensation (money, coupon, discount, and more)

Bringing it all Together to Obtain Dynamic Results on Amazon

Thus far, you have learned the importance of keyword research, SEO practices, and the various forms of internet traffic. Bringing it all together to execute a dynamic strategy on Amazon is your next step towards sustainable results that you can count on for years to come.

Read on below for our quick and easy to read at-a-glance guide for a winning Amazon experience.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Do your research! Become an expert in what Amazon customers are searching for and ultimately buying. Peruse Amazon bestsellers and the words associated with them. This knowledge will enable you with the know-how to target customers by using relevant terms to gain the high-level traffic you want.

Establish Your Collection of Keywords

Use your keywords as much as possible without spamming. Strategically put your keywords in every place imaginable, from your product or services features, title, description and related search terms.

Fine-Tune Your SEO Strategy

While organic traffic is a universal preference amongst users, consider if you will be relying on organic traffic alone or investing in paid traffic sources.

Craft Exceptional Amazon Listings

Brimming with relevant keywords that are compelling, informative, and never “spam-like,” your Amazon listings should showcase plenty of pictures, detailed descriptions, and a plethora of high-quality keywords that will bring customers to your page.


Achieving success on Amazon is an endeavor that millions of internet users around the world aspire to. Foundational to successful selling on Amazon, keyword research is of paramount importance.

Well worth spending time, energy, and resources on, keyword research enables sellers to optimize their listings and expand their Amazon business to profoundly increase profits and broaden audience bases.

Navigating the various steps to gaining the necessary visibility and traffic to your Amazon page is reliable the creation of incredibly powerful Amazon listings. Through our comprehensive guide, we help streamline the process by teaching you the keyprocesses involved in a winning Amazon strategy.

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