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Content Refined is your Easiest and Complete End-to-End Content Marketing Solution from Keyword Research to Promotion!

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Let us Show you the Results Consistent Quality Content Marketing can Drive​


create a plan

Create a Plan

  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Create Content that will Generate Traffic and Leads
  • Editorial Plan: Number of Posts and Post Titles


create content

Create Great Content

  • Only the BEST                      Native English Writers
  • Top 10% of Writers: Only   1:10 Writers Make the Cut
  • Procedures for Each Type of Article for Writers to Follow


full quality control

Full Quality Control

  • The Most Thorough Quality Control Process Possible
  • Leverage Traditional Editor Model Plus Other Tools Including: CopyScape, Grammarly, Hemmingway,  and MaketMuse


publish and promote

Publish & Promote

  • Custom Images
  • Procedure for Publishing Visually Pleasing Content
  • Promotion via your Social Networks
  • Opportunities for National Publishers to Feature your Content

Content Marketing Done Effectively

Content Marketing can Drive Substantial Results for a Business when it can Achieve the Three Keys to Content Marketing Success

Create QUALITY and USEFUL Content


CONSISTENT Content Creation is Key

  • One Post Randomly Published Only Once per Quarter is NOT Sufficient!

Content Marketing has to be COST EFFECTIVE

  • A Full-Time Staff Member might not be Possible for your Business! (That's why we are Here)

Meet The Team

Business Manager - Maddie

Maddie is every clients’ favorite person! She effectively manages the team and each clients’ orders. Whether it is a one-off question or a detailed explanation as to why an article title was selected, she is your go-to resource for all your marketing issues and solutions.

Owner - Jon Haver

Jon has created the process and procedures for Content Refined and has tested them extensively on his portfolio of online businesses. His portfolio includes businesses that range from Affiliate Sites to SaaS businesses.

Project Manager - Deandra

Deandra was one of the first content writers for the business. Her hard work and dedication has allowed her to step into many different roles within the company.

Click here to read her story!

Project Manager - Adriane

Starting out as a content writer for Content Refined, Adriane was quickly promoted to Project Manager for the business.

Click here to learn more about her story!

research ninjas

Keyword Research Ninjas

Our keyword research team does not consider keywords and SEO just to be an afterthought. We believe that keyword research is fundamental and a vital aspect of any marketing strategy that a business employs.

content aces

Writer & Editor Aces

Our team is comprised of University trained writers and literary majors. We share a passion for writing and love what we do, and that is reflected in the work that we provide.

design cowboys

Publishing Cowboys

The Publishing and Formatting Team works tirelessly to ensure that each article that comes through is engaging and looks as good as it possibly can!

We are About Driving Results!

You know Content Marketing will Fuel your Business and Ignite Continued Success. But, it is Hard for Busy Entrepreneurs to Consistently Pull off Quality Content Creation Unless they have an in-House Staff that is Completely Dedicated to Executing the Process.

The following are the results from a site that provides advice on a $30k purchase that has grown from 0 visitors to over 72k monthly visits in only eight months with Content Marketing!

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Who Are We For?

Content Refined was Built with YOU in Mind. Any Online Business where Content Marketing would Help you but it isn't your Core Competency!



Focus on your Core Strengths:

Agencies have client pulling you in 100 different directions. If content marketing is not one of your core competencies, then Content Refined can become your In-House Marketing team!

We can White Label reports and integrate seamlessly into your existing process and procedures.

portfolio manager

Portfolio Managers

Grow Faster:

If you are looking to scale and run multiple online businesses, then managing a content marketing team can become a barrier for your continued growth!

Now you can plug in Content Refined to your business, and we can become the solution to your content marketing problems

SaaS Business

SaaS Business

Lower CAC:

Finding scaleable customer acquisition marketing channels are always a challenge for SaaS business.

You have several different strategies to choose from and if you haven’t developed your In-House Marketing team, then let Content Refined step in and fill the role. Content marketing that is executed well can help a business see their lowest possible CAC.


E-Commerce Store

Focus On Conversions:

E-commerce sites have a number of additionally complex tasks that need to be completed.

Content marketing, although a very profitable source of new customers, often gets forgotten about or overlooked.

I'm going through the process with another writer service and I'm already not enthused with what it's like.        I haven't even seen Maddie's content yet, but so far I'm liking her process a lot better.

Portfolio Investor

As soon as Jon Haver told me about his new ContentRefined.com service, I knew I'd use it.

Jon's attention to customer service and quality is second-to-none.

I placed my orders shortly after Jon's service opened its doors. I've received and published the content created by Content Refined and I am very, very, happy with it.

The content was written exactly per my instructions. In fact, the end-result was better than I expected since the team invested a lot of time formatting directly in the back-end of my WordPress website beautifully with tables, headings, etc. which were not part of my instructions. This saved me a great deal of time.

Also, and this very much impressed me, I mistakenly lost the content that was set up as a draft on my site. This was a backup failure on my part. I asked Maddie, my Content Refined project manager whether she had copies. I told her to just send them as documents and I'd take the time to format it on my site since they had already done so. However, Maddie insisted they would format all the content a second time on my site for no additional charge... and formatting the content was a time-consuming process. If you want top-quality content quickly and you wish to work with a very customer service oriented team, I recommend Content Refined.

Jon Dykstra

Wow! Content Refined really delivers. Not only do you get well-written articles, they will publish the articles for you! Each article includes great images and is optimized for on-page SEO. Several of my articles are already on the first page of Google and making me money!

Niche Site Owner

Start Today! Choose your Plan Below

1 Blog Post                per Month

  • 1 Article / Month
  • 1,000 Words +
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Native English Quality Writer
  • Full Quality Control With 4 Tools
  • Nicely Formatted With Custom Images
  • Client Dashboard For Transparency



4 Blog Posts              per Month

  • 4 Articles / Month
  • 1,000 Words +
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Native English Quality Writer
  • Full Quality Control With 4 Tools
  • Nicely Formatted With Custom Images
  • Client Dashboard For Transparency



8 Blog Posts              per Month

  • 8 Articles / Month
  • 1,000 Words +
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Native English Quality Writer
  • Full Quality Control With 4 Tools
  • Nicely Formatted With Custom Images
  • Client Dashboard For Transparency



Don't need Keyword Research?

1 Blog Post                per Month

  • No Keyword Research
  • You Provide the Keywords
  • Everything else Stays the Same!



4 Blog Posts              per Month

  • No Keyword Research
  • You Provide the Keywords
  • Everything else Stays the Same!



8 Blog Posts              per Month

  • No Keyword Research
  • You Provide The Keywords
  • Everything else Stays the Same!




We are so Confident in our Team and Process that if you are Unhappy with any Article within the First Week of Creation, we will gladly Create a Replacement Article or Issue you a Refund!